Small Actions can help to save the planet

Did you know that the planet is rising in temperature every day?
The 0.8ºC rise in the global average temperature has already left important marks on our ecosystem. The extreme variations in climate are the most visible.

Regardless of what we do in the coming years, the average temperature will rise by at least another 0.5ºC, since the oceans have some “inertia” that prevents the temperature from reacting immediately to the increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases.

This increase is expected to cause a general increase in sea level and desertification.

Without measures to reduce emissions, the temperature will rise another 0.8ºC by 2050, triggering a series of very serious and irreversible consequences in our ecosystem, such as the widespread spread of tropical diseases and the extinction of more than 20% of the current species of fauna and flora.

With that in mind, we present a list of basic and simple ideas to help the environment and save the planet.

1) Decrease energy consumption. You can reduce energy consumption by turning off electronic devices that are not being used, taking shorter showers, turning off the lamps when leaving the room and not using several electronics at the same time. A valuable tip is to replace traditional light bulbs with cheaper ones.

2) Reduce water consumption. To do this, reuse the water in the washing machine and use rainwater for non-drinking activities. Other important tips are: reduce bath time, wash the car using a bucket of water instead of a hose and never wash the sidewalk with water.

3) Dispose of garbage correctly. Properly disposing of waste prevents pollution and even the spread of disease. When you throw garbage in a wasteland, for example, you may be contributing to the increase in the population of rats, cockroaches and even dengue mosquitoes.

4) Recycle your trash. This measure avoids the unnecessary waste of natural resources and also helps to reduce the concentration of waste in the environment.

6) Sometimes leave your car at home. Cars are responsible for eliminating a large amount of compounds that pollute the air. By leaving your car at home, you contribute to reducing air pollution.

7) Buy only what is necessary. The excessive consumption of products generates an exaggerated use of our resources. This means that the more we buy useless goods, the more we contribute to the destruction of nature.

8) Reduce meat consumption. The consumption of meat harms the environment. Creating pastures, a large area is deforested.

In addition, there is a large amount of water consumed to raise the animals and to ensure all meat processing.

Also, The cattle emit a large amount of greenhouse gases.

9) Eat organic foods. Organic foods are those that do not have pesticides. Therefore, the consumption of these foods helps the environment and also your health.

10) Spread your knowledge on how to preserve the environment. By teaching other people, we are contributing to a healthier planet with more conscious people.

Uncover the potential of small actions to save our planet.’

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