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Sustainable Beauty Products

Having a sustainable beauty routine means making room for cosmetics made with natural, organic, vegan, cruelty-free and genderless ingredients. And the interesting thing is that these products respect the planting period of each species, do not have components of animal origin and are free of synthetic compositions that can harm the environment. To start taking advantage of these products, check out the list!


How to make a simple Domestic Composter

After you read about how to be more sustainable would like to start doing your own home composting?
In this post there are informations about how to do it.

Having a home composting machine is a great way to reduce the amount of waste. That would go to landfills and also a way to change people’s relationship with the waste they generate.

Considering that we produce 600 grams of organic waste per day. It is necessary to dispose of our waste in a more sustainable way. So that they do not end up in landfills, contaminating soil and groundwater, even producing methane gas.

Learning how to make a composter avoids this type of emission and still produces a very rich resource: humus! In addition, it is also good for health. According to a study, contact with a bacterium present in the humus works as an antidepressant. So, decreases allergies, pain and nausea.


5 Tips to be More Sustainable

Sustainability is directly linked to activities and actions that aim to meet the needs of human beings, through material and economic development, without causing damage to the environment. In this way, natural resources are used with awareness, ensuring that future generations have them without current ones having to give them up.

How can the attitude of a single person help to preserve natural resources