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Sustainable Beauty Products

Having a sustainable beauty routine means making room for cosmetics made with natural, organic, vegan, cruelty-free and genderless ingredients. And the interesting thing is that these products respect the planting period of each species, do not have components of animal origin and are free of synthetic compositions that can harm the environment. To start taking advantage of these products, check out the list!


Cleaning the house without Chemical Product

Everyone needs to clean the house. We have been convinced that we need a chemical product for every piece of it: a stove, a floor, a wall grout, a furniture, a vase, etc. One of the problems with these numerous products is the chemistry with which they are made. Most use synthetic detergents, derived from petroleum, which end up not being biodegradable and creating problems when they go down the drain to rivers and seas. In addition, we end up buying a lot of packaging “in need” of many different products. More packaging = more waste.

To solve this, let’s simplify: you only need three things to clean the house: coconut bar soap, baking soda and vinegar.
Less packaging (including baking soda can be purchased in bulk in many places) and less harmful chemicals for the environment and for you, who have allergies and don’t know where they come from. In addition to spending much less money on cleaning products.