kindness is pitifully underrated in our society…

But even the tiniest gestures are noticed- I believe these are the things that lift the standard the community holds.

“I have learned silence from the talkative, toleration from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind.” –Kahlil Gibran

To see the value, must we see its horrific consiquence of neglect?

What do we do, which may be deemed immoral, yet we do it anyway?



When You’re Feeling Lonely


  • Force yourself to go to class/work/the park/sports practice/whatever you have going on. Sometimes it’s easier to dwell in our loneliness, but it doesn’t feel better. 
  • Take yourself on a date. No arguments about which restaurant this time!
  • Try to journal and identify why you’re lonely – it might help lessen the feeling if you can figure out when it’s coming from. 
  • Meet new people by attending meet-ups (see meetups.com for meetups in a city near you!) 
  • Volunteer somewhere. Taking care of others is self-care too! 
  • Watch a movie/read a fiction novel. Let yourself get caught up in a story sometimes, it’s okay. 
  • Meditate to connect with yourself more. 
  • Take a bath. 
  • Take a random bus/train to anywhere – don’t have a destination in mind, just go and enjoy the journey! 
  • Dance naked around your room…if you’re truly alone, do that crazy shit that you can never do in front of others. 
  • Adopt a cute pet. Big eyes, furry back, cute paws…helps a lot of people with loneliness. 
  • Reach out to a loved one who you don’t talk to enough. Reconnect with people. Force yourself to have conversations. Eventually, it will be more natural. 
  • Go for a walk/run somewhere. 
  • Go to a coffee shop, have small talk with people you’ll never see again. 
  • Disconnect from social media for some time. 
  • Make your bed, clean your room, cook yourself something…etc. 
  • Get a camera and take pictures of beautiful things you see outside. Create an album of beautiful sights you see around you (a dog barking, a child laughing, a balloon on a front step…etc.) 
  • Attend classes in your community like yoga, pole dancing, trampoline dancing, painting…etc. 
  • Start a 5 minute gratitude journal and record things that you’re thankful for, however small. 
  • Watch inspiring TED talks. 
  • Plan an imaginary (or a future) holiday – even put it down on paper! 
  • Create something new – a song, a story, a poem, a drawing, a painting…just create something channeling whatever you feel. 
  • Do something crazy. Don’t live your life in fear. Just dive into life head-first. Put yourself out there. Be uncomfortable sometimes. The loneliness will cease when you find yourself amongst all the craziness. :) 

Self care tips to relieve stress

mindfulnessWhether it’s the workload, an unhealthy relationship or simply just feeling out of balance with yourself, we all need to help our brains relieve stress sometimes.

Relaxing for a moment may seem like a waste of time, but productivity is only achievable when we are both physically and mentally healthy. and since you’re reading this particular article, I’m going to go out on a limb and prescribe you a couple hours of mind-regeneration!


Food for the brain

  • Respect your health by being sure to get at least 6-7 hours of sleep, (of course, more if you can!) If, like me, you have difficulty actually getting to sleep, I would seriously recommend this youtube video. Try playing the audio just before you to go to bed tonight. I promise you, you won’t regret!
  • Go for a walk around your local park or lake or walk around the city if you prefer. Just get some fresh air and give your eyes a break from screens.
  • Take a hot bath or go hot tubing, take a good book if you wish and let your muscles relax. If you enjoy meditation, the bath is my favourite place for this! there are so many great guided meditations on youtube, whether you’re looking for stress relief, help with anxieties, over thinking, depression, letting go, dealing with loss and so much more!
  • And on that note… meditation in general! see point above for recommendations :)
  • Play a game with family or friends! (non-screen only 😉
  • Order or print out some logic puzzles! I love the variety magazines of logic puzzles, especially for traveling or work/study break.
  • Go out to dinner with a friend. Talk out some of your stress if it feels beneficial to you, or just take the whole night off from anything serious and have a laugh with some people you love!
  • Go for a drive. Blast some music if it feels right, or play soft classical music if that’s your thing. (side note: road rage is not so helpful for stress relief, so try to avoid that ;).
  • Try listening to a podcast! There are thousands of podcasters and hundreds of topics. It’s also a great way to grow your knowledge on the go. My personal favourite podcast is a show called “Philosophize this!” by Steven West. He pulls in his knowledge of philosophy along with his understanding of our history’s greatest philosophers to help us resolve, or at least, attempt to understand life’s everyday conflicts.

How to organize your life – Organizing and planning tips

how to organize your lifeHow to organize your life – Organizing tips, tricks and simple life hacks!

We’ve all been there- poor time-management sinkhole, the black hole of a to-do list…

The worst part was that it wasn’t your lack of effort, it’s not that you went to that party instead of finishing your homework! On the contrary; you infact worked too hard…

Picture it:

Your workload speeds up, so your stress level rises, because your working more, the small tasks get put off, but they begin to build up, the list of priorities build up more and more, so you stay up later, trying to cross off something on the ever-growing list. But now you’ve over-slept! You’re late to work, your boss is even more angry because of his stress, so you push yourself to work harder even though you’re struggling to keep your eyes open. But still, sleep keeps getting pushed back more and more, nourishment becomes the fast food you passed…

before you know it, you’re running on empty.

It’s ironic, isn’t it? Dozing off and getting those triple Zed’s is actually more productive in the long run than getting a couple more hours of extra work done. Yes, you’ll get less work done that day but

The worst part of this ‘black hole’?

It’s from putting off small tasks that you skipped trying to take a short cut. It seems to come up every time we put off a small problem.

My friend depicted this perfectly to me once:

You spill some cereal while hastily making breakfast; you decide to clean it up later since you’re already late to work. The day goes by, you’ve forgotten completely; a week goes by, you begin to notice the ants, the cockroaches… and the entire time you were stressing to stay ontop of your work they’ve been making themselves quite at home, telling their 6-8 legged friends about hotel-délá-your-wall and la-bouffe-your-pantry

Next thing you know, you’re chasing a cockroach around with a frying pan, frantically calling up exterminators, leaving voicemails for their ‘oh so convenient’ customer service machine, finally your sleeping on your friends couch because you saw a spider on your bed and a Cockroaches crawling up your wall-

That little accident grew and something that would have taken you less than a minute turns into a ‘time-sink’.

 How to Organize your life

and avoid life’s black holes –

Quick and easy planning and organizing tips that have saved me a couple all nighters!

Note: Not all of these may work for you, I’ve added a variety to help fit most lifestyles, but my best advice to you is to try out for a couple days and find which ones work for you! Remember, Work Smarter, NOT harder

Time Management:-

  1. Using technology:
    1. Rescue Time: Helps find work/life balance, sending you weekly reports on your usage of time and daily habits on your computer and apps. You can also set alerts for certain lengths of time spent on an app or site. Option to block distracting websites for certain amount of ‘focus’ time.
    2. Evernote: If you’re a student esspecially, you need this app! Its basically a online notebook, but you can also add in web articles, annotate them, add in images and much more which I can’t explain all here. It’s avalible on any device you use, I have it attached to my google crome and it’s just a little button in the corner if I ever want to make note of a website or highlight.
    3. Focus Booster: focus booster helps to empower you to maintain focus and manage distractions. Stay focused and fresh to get more done.
    4. Sleepyti.me: A handy tool which calculates when the best time for you to go to bed if your waking up at a specific time, or choose the time you would like to wake up and Sleepytime will tell you when to fall asleep! Their calculator counts in sleep cycles of 90 min to avoid attempting to wake up during a sleep cycle. Wake up refreshed by finding the best time to go to sleep!
    5. KeepMeOut.com: Timer to block socail media and other distracting websites for your study session.


Pursue your goalsCoach.me is a virtual trainer to help you achieve any goal, form any habit, or build any expertise. A lovely way to help build your foundation for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

  • Weigh urgency vs importance
  • Do any tasks on your to-do list that would take less than 5min straight away.

Emergency Tips – getting out of the sinkhole:

Assess Situation:- Try to clear your mind of its constant remarks and worries. Their not helpful to you at this moment

To-do list:- On actual paper list all (necessary) tasks for: -Work -Personal -Self Care -Household

  1. Mark * by tasks less than <5 min
  2. Mark ! by MOST important tasksprioritize them by weighing importance vs urgency.
  3. Cross off all tasks which are OPTIONAL– If you wish, note down for later BUT:- do not add more work onto yourself at this time! There is no need to impress anyone by length of your to-do list!

Take the next 15-30 min to complete as many * (less than 5min) tasks as you possibly can –  

Quick side notehalf-a**ing once in awhile is OK, in fact, since you’re reading this, i’m gonna go out on a limb and say that it’s probably healthiest for you right now!
  • Turn on fast paced (happy) music
  • move around a bit
  • try to make it a game: How many tasks can you do in the allotted time.
  • Set a timer
  • Cross off tasks on the list as finish them- it’s surprisingly gratifying!